The Work-Luck Balance

It's currently Day 5 of Hurricane Harvey madness here in Houston. Since we're stuck inside and I've been slacking on blogging this year (best laid plans, right?), I figured this would be a good time to write a post. The fact that I can write this post now -- that my husband and I are sitting safe and dry in our apartment, the only major disruption to our comfort being that we really shouldn't spend too much time outside or drive very far right now -- is definitely due in large part to the preparations we made before the storm hit. But, as in so many other instances, to call that the whole story would be a disservice to all the ways in which factors beyond our control have worked out in our f

Rebranding Like a Badass

I have been totally slacking off on my blog lately - oops! I promise I have some brilliant new content coming soon. In the meantime, here is an article on how and why I even have a blog to begin with, originally written for and published as a guest blog on The Opera Stage. Earlier this year, after having dropped off the proverbial face of the earth for a while, I took steps to relaunch my singing career in a brand-new fach - and with a brand-new brand. So, when the lovely people at The Opera Stage asked me to write a post for their blog series, we agreed that a "how I did it" account of my rebrand was the way to go. But the more I tried to write the post, the more lost I got trying to make

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